About Tina

Tina holding a large bunch of freshly harvested celery and spinach.

Hi, I’m Cristina but all of my friends call me Tina. I’m passionate about gardening and reducing my environmental footprint.

My family rents a home in a wonderful city neighborhood in San Diego, California.

Our back alley wasn’t used for anything other than for the power company to access the power pole once in a blue moon.

Within a few months of moving in, I got permission from my landlord to convert that area into our urban garden! Don’t worry, city workers still have access when needed. The few times they’ve had to access the power pole, they’ve all been extremely impressed by my little urban garden.

I believe in growing fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits and composting my waste.

I decided to claim this little plot of the internet to share with you how I’m able to grow over 25% of our food. Plus, I always save extra to share with my friends.

A big part of what influences my garden is that I’m a Wildlife Conservationist. I went to school at Humboldt State University (now Cal Poly Humboldt) and got a B.S. in Wildlife Management and Conservation.

That means I’m conscious about my gardening techniques for the sake of local wildlife and my family’s health. Some people would label me as “crunchy” and I’m not mad about that label. I hope you will enjoy reading what I have to share and learn a thing or two about growing your own vegetables, herbs, fruits and even composting.

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